Impulse G2 Carbone Soft

Impulse G2 Carbone Soft



- Designed according to the unique architecture of the MAGNUM footpocket in order to obtain high-performance, power-ful and easy to move fins.
- A triad of capturing and channeling the shoe Magnum, with the whip and nervousness of the wing 100% carbon for optimum performance.
- The profile and the shape of the IMPULSE G2 blade have been designed in orderto optimize the power by keeping the global efficiency.
- The «shark skin» coating speed up the fluids on the IMPULSE G2 blade for high-performance.

Available in 3 stiffness:
- IMPULSE G2 RED: Powerfull and efficient.
- IMPULSE ORANGE: Good balance between flexibility and power.
- IMPULSE BLUE: Soft and Polyvalent. Good balance.


- Fins 100% carbon T300.
- Pre preg carbon 3K aeronautical quality.
- Blade 80 cm x 19cm with angle of 22 °.

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