Freedivegears founder, Amr Ayouni, was born in Algeria and raised in Montreal. Amr’s passion for free diving and spearfishing made him push his limits in Mediterranean ocean to the Caribbean and even in frozen lacs of the Quebec province.
His live for the water comes initially from his father, where he experienced for the very first spearfishing,  when he was only 8 years old. 

AMR decided to pursue his passion for this sport and decided to get licensed in one of the most renowned freediving schools in North America - Apenee Aventure.

He then realized that freediving is for everyone! You don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy freediving. The sport is more about relaxation, mind set and technique, than it is strength. 
The goal is to connect with the water and enjoy all the feelings and sensations. Enjoying the beauty of what surrounds you in the water.

This sensation of freedom and exaltation made Amr want to share his teachings and learnings with everyone!

Teaching the ability to stay underwater on one breath of air, enjoy the silence, peacefulness, and beauty, is Amr’s mandate! 

Freediving , is also called apnea, a Greek word meaning “without air”, is the most natural way to explore the underwater world, but for him it's more than an extreme sport or an experience to try once, it's a passion!

In order to enhance the experience you need to remember, the more specific the gear is, to Freediving/ Spearfishing, the better your performances will be.

“The right gear is like a second skin!”

 Amr Ayouni