Ratio iDive Free Sport

Ratio iDive Free Sport


Ratio iDive Free Sport

Indicated for Advanced Free Divers.


Dive Modes: Freedive with Taravana and Hemoptysis control, Air (scuba)

Settable Mix for scuba diving: 1 Air or nitrox (21% to 50%)

Algorithm: Buhlmann ZHL-16B (scuba)

Display: 80 x 80 pixel

Case: Composite Case

Top Glass: Mineral Glass

Max Depth: 150 meters

Long life USB Rechargeable Battery

Integrated compass: 3D, 1° of resolution and +/- 1° of accuracy. Tilt compensated up to 85° supported by a complete inertial platform.

Integrated Magnetometer, Altimeter, termometer, barometer and fitness pedometer

USB Cable Interface included


~18 hr freedive (samp. rate 1 sec)

~ 600 dives in freedive mode

~160 hr scuba (samp. rate10 sec)

Free dive data:Suggested recovery time by AlgorithmRecovery time CountdownSurf timeDepth and Max DeptDive timeDive numberSpeedWater temperatureTimeGraphic profile last dive in sessionSession summary with average data

Alarms:Fixed Depth goal notifyFixed Step goal notify,Dive-time notifyHydration notify

Taravana Control: The iDive Free monitors each single dive run and calculates the minimum recovery time between the dive runs. It can be even customized by the freediver to face its physical requirements

Hemoptysis Control: The iDive Free is able to reduce at minimum the hemoptysis risk, by guiding the freediver in the very first dive runs of the free dive session, indicating which is the maximum depth that he can reach for that dive. Even this control can be customized on the freediver requirements

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